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5 Safe Ways to Get Outside

5 Safe Ways to Get Outside

| by Thomas Semow

When anxiety is high, and times are uncertain, sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves and those close to us is set our sights on the great outdoors. Aside from the proven health benefits of being in nature, getting outdoors exposes us to open space, fresh air, and a certain calm that revitalizes the human spirit and focuses our attention on the things that matter most.

Given the current need to practice social distancing, we thought it could be helpful to brainstorm ways to get out in nature without coming into contact with our neighbors and fellow humans.

Here are a few ideas that may or may not be realistic for everyone at the moment, but at the very least may give us something to look forward to:

  1. Go for a drive -- sometimes a drive just for the fun of it opens you up to new scenery, an unheard album, or an inspiring podcast. Just choose a direction on a map, and go for it! We’ve also been doing drive-by’s to friends houses – staying in the car (to keep the social distance) but chatting out the window for a little human connection.
  2. Spend time in your backyard -- your backyard may be bigger than you think. Ever taken the time to sit back and focus on the details? (There are a more critters crawling around than you think ).  
  3. Go for a bike ride-- riding a bike is the perfect pace between walking and driving. As you ride around your neighborhood, town or city, notice how quickly you gain a new perspective on the landscape and how good you feel afterwards. 
  4. Find a body of water -- water is the best example of wide open space to clear your mind. Try bringing a fishing pole to your local lake, river or stream and dip your toes in the water while you kick back and relax.  
  5. Watch a sunset -- the best part of sunsets is that they happen every day. Find a place to yourself, whether your front porch or on the top of a mountain, and sit back while you soak in the view.