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Ultimate Tailgating Gear Guide

Ultimate Tailgating Gear Guide

| by Thomas Semow

Tailgating is all about spending quality time with friends, family and like-minded folks. Whether it’s about rallying support for your team, or just sharing a meal outdoors, it’s a timeless tradition that everyone can appreciate in some way or another. 

While the people are no doubt what makes a tailgate successful, the equipment you choose to bring along can certainly enhance the experience. So check out this gear guide for the ultimate tailgating setup. 


Grills, BBQs and Smokers: At the center of any tailgate is a BBQ and if you’re at all an enthusiast of backyard cooking, you know the grill world is full of great options. From inexpensive single-use charcoal grills like this biodegradable mini-grill, to the deluxe gas grill from Ferno Grills, or this legendary smoker from Traeger, grilling is all about confidence. 


Coolers: If you’re like us, you know the value of a cold beverage on tailgating day. So pick a cooler that fits your space requirements and does the job of keeping those bevies ice cold. We love the compact Roadie 24 Hard Cooler from Yeti for its space saving and ice keeping capacities. 


Yard Games: These simple past times are key to a successful tailgating experience. While there are all kinds of fun games to choose from, cornhole is the game that has won the hearts of many. We’re big fans of the 2x4 Retro Cornhole Boards by Elkai Outdoor Games. 


Pop Up Tents: If you plan to spend all day tailgating rain or shine, having a solid pop up tent will do you all kinds of solid. Pick one that is sturdy, big enough to provide some serious shade and is simple enough to set up so that it won’t take away from the experience. We like the 10x10 Rapid Shelter by Caddis. 


Chairs: Last but not least, no tailgate is complete without a proper array of comfy, portable chairs. Makers of the water-bottle sized chair, CLIQ Chair is the go-to camping chair for tailgating enthusiasts who value build quality, comfort and portability all in one. Shop 2, 4 and 6 chair bundles to make sure nobody on your team is left standing.