When your life CLIQs.

Welcome to CLIQ, where your journey unfolds in comfort. In the heartbeat of adventure and the serenity of nature, CLIQ has been a trusted ally for almost a decade, offering innovative seating solutions designed to enhance the outdoor experiences. Today, we are not just a chair company; we are architects of comfort for the journey of life. Crafting Comfort for Every Adventure

Our roots are in the outdoors—the sturdy grounds of campsites and the sun-kissed sidelines of your children's soccer games. CLIQ emerged as a symbol of convenience and relaxation in the open air. But why should comfort be limited to the great outdoors?

So, we decided to start a better outdoor chair company. We assembled a top-notch team with expertise in product design, engineering, and customer service. We tinkered and tested, invented and filed patents, until it all just CLIQed. 

Today, CLIQ is making outdoor chairs that are as much fun to set up as they are to sit in. Easy to set up and take down. Amazingly comfortable and durable. Perfectly portable and packable. And because we believe the best measure of sustainability is making a product that lasts, we’ve built CLIQ to stand (or should we say sit) the test of time.

From Nature Trails to Urban Escapes

We've taken the spirit of the wilderness and woven it into the fabric of everyday life. Just like athleisure wear bridged the gap between workout clothes and casual attire, CLIQ is merging outdoor practicality with everyday usability. Our products are no longer just for the campsite; they’re for life.

Designing for the Destination and Beyond

Imagine a chair that accompanies you as naturally as your favorite jacket. CLIQ chairs are designed to be part of your journey, not just your destination. Engineered for ease, our products fold into the narrative of your day seamlessly—from the trunk of your car to the far reaches of the beach, and even that impromptu rooftop gathering.

Innovation at the Core

At the core of CLIQ is a relentless drive for innovation—where every design is intuitive, every material is chosen for comfort and durability, and every moment of your interaction with our products is considered. With CLIQ's MagiQ Hub, set-up is a click away, not a chore, allowing you to sink into comfort with a simple flick of the wrist.

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Embracing Every Lifestyle

Our updated collection reflects a palette of styles and personalities. From vibrant colors that match your zest for life to subtle tones that speak to your need for serene moments. CLIQ is about choices that resonate with your personal style, choices that feel at home in your life.

Join Us on the Journey

We invite you to experience the new CLIQ—where every product is an open invitation to comfort, designed not just for the selective moments of leisure but for the richness of every day. As we continue to innovate and expand, we welcome you to a world where every sit is a delight, and life's adventures are always accompanied by the comfort you deserve.

With CLIQ, every moment is a destination, and comfort is the constant companion.