Thank You

Dear Backer,

Welcome to your new GO CHAIR! This is a big moment for our team and we want to express our tremendous gratitude, to you, for being a part of this launch. It is our mission to make your life a little easier, less stressful, and more comfortable. GO CHAIR is about getting out with your friends and family without the stress or hassle of bulky gear. It should be easy to bring chairs­—ones that are compact, lightweight, easy to set up and stow, durable and comfortable—wherever you go.

Some quick notes:

  • We’ve included setup and stow instructions with your order. If you need additional help, we have tutorial videos available: Setting up your GO CHAIR is easy, but there is a recommended method and we want your first experience to be smooth and easy.
  • When you sit down, you will notice that your GO CHAIR allows you to shift slightly, side to side and front to back—don’t be alarmed, this is intentional and part of our proprietary Flex Technology. The GO CHAIR is stable with this freedom of movement.
  • We’ve added mesh pockets to make it easy to stow your keys, phone, etc. Once you set it up, you will see these pockets under each side of the chair.
  • For being an early backer, we included a free custom GO CHAIR Carabiner with a built-in bottle opener for every chair. These can be used to link together multiple GO CHAIRs, or hang your GO CHAIRs off a backpack and then open a cold beverage as you kick back in comfort!

You will be hearing from us soon about new products that will pair well with your GO CHAIR and share the same quality and focus on making life easy, comfortable and stress-free. A table, a cup holder, an ultralight GO CHAIR, a larger GO CHAIR, a shade attachment and more are all in the works! As an early backer, you will be the first to hear about all of our new products!

We want you to know that we have obsessed on this product for over four years. You are a crucial part of our ability to bring GO CHAIR to the world and we don’t take that lightly. As thanks, you will see that we’ve included a coupon code (4FRIENDS for 15% off) that you can use at to bring more chairs to your household.

If you love your GO CHAIR, please share this discount code with your friends, it is valid until April 30th.

Now get out there, sit comfortably, and know that we are forever grateful to you for supporting us in bringing GO CHAIR to the world.

With sincere gratitude,
Sam Chesluk, John Stump, Alexis Courson and Tim Dir

Sam Chesluk, John Stump, Alexis Courson, Tim Dir