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Ultimate Car Camping Gear Guide

Ultimate Car Camping Gear Guide

| by Thomas Semow

For the weekend warrior who daydreams of wide open spaces and fresh mountain air, car camping is an artform. Each piece of equipment on the packing list is a sacred step towards a brighter future-- a shiny adventure that waits ahead. When we imagine the ultimate packing list (and believe me, we dream of this often) we conjure a list of essential items that should not be forsaken. Take a look and listen carefully, you might hear the mountains calling. 

Cook- While not everyone is capable of entertaining with Benihana-like cooking abilities, there are steps that you can take to build an organized and reliable car camping kitchen setup. Here are few top-of the line items that will have you cooking like a pro:

Sleep- The quality of your sleeping setup is the difference between going for that early morning hike, or blindly tripping over a rock when you stumble out of bed. Your selection of mattress, shelter, and blanket is essential, so here’s a few suggestions:

Hang- Creating an unforgettable car camping experience is all about coming prepared with items that your fellow campers can enjoy. As a fundamental element of any campsite, CLIQ Chairs offer everyone a comfortable place to kick back. But don’t be surprised if they become the object of your group’s envy, there’s more cool gear to complete your setup:

Play - So much room for activities! This is the part that defines your adventure. How you have fun in the great outdoors is what sets car camping apart from staying at a hotel or a lux resort. While there are never ending creative ways to turn nature into a playground, here are some toys that might help: