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Carry Less, Do More - The Art of Simplicity

Carry Less, Do More - The Art of Simplicity

| by Thomas Semow

In a world of abundant gizmos and gadgets, many of us yearn to tap into a simpler way of being. Getting outside allows us to turn our attention away from technology and back to our roots in nature. But achieving a laid back, carefree headspace in the great outdoors isn’t always so easy. It requires packing the right tools for the job. 

When it comes to equipment, we believe that simple is better and less is more. Whether you’re cruising to the beach, camping for the night, or cheering at your kid’s soccer game, things that pack up small and set up quickly give you more space and time to enjoy what matters most. 

And what’s more fundamental than a comfy seat to kick back in? CLIQ Chair was designed with simplicity in mind. It folds down to the size of a water bottle, is super lightweight, and sets up effortlessly. Pop it open, hear it click, and you’re ready to sit. It’s compact size means you can fit up to six in a bag, making sure all your friends have a seat. 

It’s been said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” While there’s no need to be sophisticated when you’re kicking back by a campfire, we know you’ll find peace in the simplicity of CLIQ Chair.