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6 Tips for the Ultimate Picnic

6 Tips for the Ultimate Picnic

| by Thomas Semow

6 Tips for the Ultimate Picnic

  1. Find a view - Whether you find trees, mountains, a body of water, or city lights, there’s nothing like admiring an expansive view while savoring a meal outside. Views are not to be taken for granted when telling the tale of romance with a carefully planned picnic. Buena vista!

  2. Make it simple - Less is (usually) more when assembling your grab and go meal. While some cultures may be known for their elaborate picnic meals, there’s nothing wrong with a simple charcuterie. Add some local flavors and keep it colorful to maximize your effort. 

  3. Pack light - This is where we come in-- one CLIQ Chair weighs just 3 lbs and folds down to the size of a bottle. Pop it open, hear it click, and that’s it. Fit two in a bag and keep your other hand free for holding.

  4. Keep it cool - Cool beverages are synonymous with cool experiences. Keeping your beverages chilled and your food refrigerated is a challenge any picnic planner faces. That’s why we love the convenience and portability of backpack coolers, like this one by Hydro Flask. Throw in a piece of dry ice and your supplies will stay cold for hours. 

  5. Cover up - It’s always best to plan for shifts in weather. That means packing an extra sweater or a warm blanket to keep you and yours comfy. Check out this blanket by Pendleton-- wool is an awesome material that is lightweight, cozy, and ultra warm.

  6. Set the vibe -  Music, music, music. Don’t forget to pack a portable speaker with your CLIQ Chairs, supplies, and cooler. Good tunes are the cornerstone of an unforgettable picnic. And this outdoor speaker by Sonos is the best thing on the market.